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How to choose silicone fabric

How to distinguish the quality of silicone cloth, many people like to buy silicone cloth online, there is no way to judge the picture. There are many kinds of silicone fabric on the market, such as single-sided silicone cloth, double-sided silicone cloth, stainless steel wire reinforced silicone cloth, etc., then how to distinguish the quality

How to choose welding silicone fabric

Welding and cutting equipment are required in the production, and there will be welding slag and sparks. If there are flammable products around, it is easy to cause accidents. Therefore, before welding and cutting, choosing high quality silicone fabric is necessary. For bad quality silcione fabric, the silicone coating is not enough, the strength of

Learn about the types and applications of silica fiberglass cloth

Silica fiberglass cloth is made of 2 main raw materials, uses high strength, high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth and composite with silicone rubber by high temperature vulcanization. It is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite material product. Silica fiberglass cloth has many advantages, such as flame retardant, high temperature resistant, corrosion, anti-aging and so on. What’s

Can silica fiberglass cloth be combined with other materials?

This is determined by the properties of the silica fiberglass cloth. You can put the cloth inside the silica gel directly and cure, and then cut. Or you can use a surface treatment agent and primer, preferably processing at the same time to make it most durable. Silica gel is sticky at low temperature. If

How about the pressure resistance of silica fiberglass cloth?

Silica fiberglass cloth has two forms, single side and double sides. It can be used in high temperature. The long-term operating temperature is under 250 ℃,and the working pressure should be 300kpa. The short-term (16 hours) can withstand 280 ℃.So it has the very good weathering resistance. Single-sided silica fiberglass cloth is mainly used in

How to make the silica fiberglass cloth more durable?

Silica fiberglass cloth uses the high-temperature and high-strength glass fiber. It is a kind of glass fiber fabric after special treatment. Silica fiberglass cloth has a tight structure and high temperature resistance, its base cloth are high-strength, anti-tearing, anti-oil, anti-fire, waterproof and anticorrosive. It also has long service life. To prolong the use of silica

Is silica fiberglass cloth easily torn?

The silica fiberglass cloth of Core-Tex is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite material products, which uses high strength, high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth, and then is rolled or impregnated by organic silica gel. My company’s high-strength fabric has good mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance (strong acid, alkali,etc.),high insulation properties, anti-ultraviolet and anti-static. Mei Run silica

Silicone cloth

The introduction of silicone cloth Silicone cloth, the silicone rubber vulcanized to acid and alkali resistant, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant composite fabric. Silicone cloth is widely used into silicone pipe of chemical plants, refineries, ports, industrial hot water and steam transportation, automotive, medical, diving, food, and other industries. The appllication of silicone

Focus on the research, development and application of flame retardant fibers and their products

In recent years, the ignition or combustion of textiles has brought huge losses to people’s lives and property safety, and has become a serious social problem. A lot of research work has been done on flame retardant fibers and their textiles around the world to learn about the research, development and application of flame retardant

Research Progress of Heat Resistance of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is a special synthetic rubber, places an important position in the rubber family. Because of its special structure, it has excellent performance, such as high resistance, low temperature, high voltage resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, weather resistance, physiological inertia and high air permeability, as well as lubricants and other media show excellent chemistry