How about the pressure resistance of silica fiberglass cloth?

How about the pressure resistance of silica fiberglass cloth?

Learn about the types and applications of silica fiberglass cloth

Silica fiberglass cloth has two forms, single side and double sides. It can be used in high temperature. The long-term operating temperature is under 250 ℃,and the working pressure should be 300kpa. The short-term (16 hours) can withstand 280 ℃.So it has the very good weathering resistance. Single-sided silica fiberglass cloth is mainly used in flexible fabric compensator, and double-sided can be used for sealing layer. Silica fiberglass rubber can be made of flame-retardant products for fire-fighting requirements. But we should note that the silica fiberglass rubber cloth cannot be used in the case of flue gas and steam containing SO2.

The products, glass fiber coated with silica, have its unique high temperature resistance, air permeability, excellent weathering resistance, and have the characteristics of soft and toughness. So that it is superior to ordinary coated fabrics.

Silica fiberglass cloth can be used as a flexible connection device. It can prevent the damage of the pipeline for expanding with heat and contracting with cold. Silica fiberglass cloth has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties and flexibility, so it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, Energy and other fields.

Silica fiberglass cloth can be used as the internal and external anticorrosion layer of the pipeline. Because of excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, it is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

Silica fiberglass cloth can be used as the fireproof curtain that has good fire retardant effect, a tight structure and high temperature resistance. So it can protect the object from the thermal point and spark zone, and completely prevent burning or isolate combustion. When the fire control center sends out a fire alarm or receives a “smoke” signal, the fireproof curtain hanging above the ceiling will quickly drop to a setting height to form a smoke zone separation. Smoke exhaust fan to discharge high-temperature flue gas outdoors. Smoke exhaust fan will discharge high-temperature flue gas outdoors, which saves the time for the fire rescue and evacuation.

Silica glass fiber cloth can be used for the production of industrial removable insulation sleeve. Its products are soft and resilient, and can be arbitrarily bent and cut. They are free of asbestos and any other harmful substances, so that they are completely harmless to people and environment. Their appearances are beautiful and can be scrubbed.