Silicone coated fiberglass cloth takes high temperature, strength, and corrosion resistance fiberglass cloth as the basic fabric, and compounded by silicone rubber after the special craft (impregnating or rolling). Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is a kind of high performance and multifunction composite materials, it’s widely used in Aerospace, Chemical, Petroleum, Large Power Generation Equipment, Machinery, Metallurgy, Electrical Insulation, Building, Transportation and other fields.


Advantage of silicone coated fiberglass cloth
* Good temperature resistance( Silicone: -70 to 260℃, fiberglass cloth: up to 550℃).
* Soft and smooth surface, and sewable.
* Good performance of corrosion resistance, oilproof and waterproof.
* Be able to resist heat and climate ageing.
* Thermal insulation, permittivity 3 to 3.2, breakdown voltage 20 to 50 kv/mm.

Process of silicone coated fiberglass cloth

Application of silicone coated fiberglass cloth
* Air duct
* Fabric expansion joints
* Fireproof curtain & blanket
* Welding blanket & habitat
* Removable insulation cover & blanket
* Other fire-control systems

Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is widely used in many fields now, it ‘s playing more and more important role in the modern industry and people’ live. If you are interested in our silicone coated fiberglass cloth, or related products, pls feel free to send your requirements or drawings to our engineer(system@corefrp.com), we will advice as your request. Our factory can also provide OEM and customize project to every client.
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