Silicone cloth

Silicone cloth

Silicone cloth

The introduction of silicone cloth

Silicone cloth, the silicone rubber vulcanized to acid and alkali resistant, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant composite fabric. Silicone cloth is widely used into silicone pipe of chemical plants, refineries, ports, industrial hot water and steam transportation, automotive, medical, diving, food, and other industries.

The appllication of silicone cloth

1. Electrical insulation: the electrical insulation level of silicone cloth his high, which can withstand high voltage load, and can be made into insulation cloth, sleeving and other products.

2. Fabric expansion joint: Silicone cloth can be used as a flexible connecting for pipes. Silicone rubber coated glass fiber membrane structural material is used as the base material of flexible expansion joints. It can solve the damage of pipes caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Silicone cloth has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, good flexibility, which can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other fields.

3. Anti-corrosion: silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth, can be used as a pipe, internal and external anti-corrosion layer, excellent anti-corrosion performance, high strength. It is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

Other fields: silicone rubber coated glass fiber membrane structural materials can be applied to building sealing materials, high temperature anti-corrosion conveyor belts, packaging materials and other fields.

The silicone cloth is also divided into a single-sided silicone cloth and a double-sided silicone cloth, what’s more, high-temperature curing silicone cloth and room temperature curing silicone cloth.

The regular color of the silicone cloth is red, blue gray, black, white, and other colors can also be customized.

Fireproof standard for fireproof cloth

US CA117 fireproof standard

US CA117 is a widely used one-time fireproof standard in the United States. It does not require post-washing testing and is suitable for most textiles exported to the United States. The new CA117 standard is compared with the old CA117 standard, but new standard hasn’t been published yet.

(1) The standard has been in use for 30 years. Because the standard has great practical value.

(2) This standard is formulated from the actual situation after fully studying the cause of the fire, so it is more scientific. The test of fire source is a cigarette smoldering (smoldering) test, a simulated match igniting test, and a simulation of newspaper igniting test, which matches the actual bubble fire scene.

(3) The test index is more intuitive, the instrument investment is not large, and the operation is convenient. The enterprise can carry out inspection and testing at the time of production and at the factory.

(4) In the grading, the old California CA117 standard is recommended for occasions with lower requirements, and the California new standard is recommended for higher requirements. The new standard improves the vertical burning index and increases the imitation amount. The newspaper ignited the butane gas burning test).

(5) At present, most Chinese manufacturers are familiar with the CA117 standard in California. With the increase in the export volume of products, the adoption of this standard can avoid technical trade barriers caused by different technical regulations.

British BS5852 fire protection standard

Application: Upholstered furniture background knowledge: BS5852 can be divided into two parts according to the release time – the first part released in 1979 is mainly defined by the test standards of No. 0 fire source and No. 1 fire source. At the same time, a 30-minute water?immersion test must be performed before testing. – The flame retardant standard supplemented in 1990 defines the test criteria for sources 2 to 7.