Learn about the types and applications of silica fiberglass cloth

Learn about the types and applications of silica fiberglass cloth

Learn about the types and applications of silica fiberglass cloth

Silica fiberglass cloth is made of 2 main raw materials, uses high strength, high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth and composite with silicone rubber by high temperature vulcanization. It is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite material product. Silica fiberglass cloth has many advantages, such as flame retardant, high temperature resistant, corrosion, anti-aging and so on. What’s more, its texture is relatively soft, suitable for soft connection with different shapes. Silica tape can be used at -70℃ (or lower temperatures) to +250℃ (or higher temperatures) for a long time, which has been widely used in aerospace, chemical, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, steel plants, gold treatment, non-metallic expansion joints (compensator) and other fields.

Nowadays, silica fiberglass cloth has developed many types. And different type of silica fiberglass cloth has different application. The following is the brief introduction of the type of silica fiberglass cloth.

Silica fiberglass cloth commonly known as silicon-titanium cloth. It is flame retardant, high- temperature, insulated and sealing, so that it has been widely used in lots of fields like non-metallic compensator, pipe soft connection.

According to single/double-sided, it can be divided into single-sided silica fiberglass cloth, double-sided silica fiberglass cloth, two-cloth-three-rubber silica fiberglass cloth. In addition there are high-temperature cured silica fiberglass cloth and room-temperature cured silica fiberglass cloth.

The conventional color of silica fiberglass cloth is vermilion, Blue gray, black, white, and it in other colors can also be customized.

According to the production process, it can be divided into coated silica fiberglass cloth and rolled silica fiberglass cloth and so on.

In addition, our company also produces silica fiberglass cloth with steel wire, fluorine rubber cloth, silicon fiber gasket, 5.0 two-cloth-three-fluorine tape, EPDM cloth, black oil-resistant adhesive cloth, color oil-resistant adhesive cloth and other new composite materials.

The main applications of silica tape are:

1.Electrical insulation: Silica fiberglass cloth has a higher electrical insulation grade that can withstand high voltage load. And it can be made into insulating cloth, casing and other products.

2.Non-metallic compensator: Silicone tape can be used as a flexible connection device. Glass fiber coated with silicone rubber as a flexible expansion joint of the substrate, it can prevent the damage of the pipeline for expanding with heat and contracting with cold. Silica fiberglass cloth has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties and flexibility, so it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, Energy and other fields.

3.Anti-corrosion aspects: Glass fiber coated with silicone rubber can be used as the internal and external anticorrosion layer of the pipeline. Because of excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, it is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

4.Other areas: it can be used in building sealing materials, high-temperature anti-corrosion conveyor belt, packaging materials and so on.