Month: December 2016

The application of fabric expansion joint

In order to reduce the thrust generated by thermal expansion in the pipeline, compensation for thermal expansion of the pipeline must be taken into consideration of the design and installation of the piping, and compensating of the thermal displacement is done by expansion joint. The normal expansion joint: slip-type expansion joint, fabric expansion joint, corrugated

Application of expansion joint in thermal power plant

Summary of thermal power plant Characteristics of Pipeline in Thermal Power Plant A thermal power plant is a plant that converts chemical energy stored in coal, oil, natural gas, or other fossil fuels into combustion energy, heat energy into mechanical energy, and generate electrical energy.Thermal power plant production process is mainly with the boiler, steam

The confirmation of flame retardant formulation and evaluation

According the above information, we list the four different kinds of flame retardant silicon rubber formulation (as table 4), then evaluate the property of silicone rubber flame retardant, strength retention rate under high temperature, strength retention under high temperature and high humidity (boiling water resistance), the silicone rubber flame retardant system formulation was finally determined.

Research of flame retardant system

The silicon rubber is not flame retardant, it is necessary to modify its flame retardation. The normal physical method is adding fire retardant and flame-retardant filler in the silicon rubber material to be fireproof. Selection of the flame retardant system The requirements of choosing the flame retardant: high-efficiency (small dosage of fire retardant for unit

Research on the formulation of flame retardant coating for fiberglass fabric

With the global economic development, the population is dense, the building is high, and the new building materials is widely used. The increasing fire possibility, and the fire accident has been one of the major disasters in the city. In recent years, the frequent fire accidents have caused heavy casualties and property losses. Now government