The confirmation of flame retardant formulation and evaluation

The confirmation of flame retardant formulation and evaluation

According the above information, we list the four different kinds of flame retardant silicon rubber formulation (as table 4), then evaluate the property of silicone rubber flame retardant, strength retention rate under high temperature, strength retention under high temperature and high humidity (boiling water resistance), the silicone rubber flame retardant system formulation was finally determined.
The evaluation of oxygen index to flame retardant.
The detailed data is as table 5
Table 5, The oxygen index of different flame retardant silicon rubber formulation

According to the standards, it turned out that the above formulations can provide flame retardant to fabrics effectively.
Table 4, different flame retardant silicon rubber formulation

The strength retention rate of Strength – high temperature, and Strength – high temperature & high humidity (boiling water resistance).

The strength retention rate testing of different flame retardant silicon rubber formulation under high temperature and boiling environment, testing result as table 6.
Table 6, different flame retardant silicon rubber formulation to the strength retention rate.

From table 6, for 4 # formula under 2 conditions, the fabric strength retention rate is the highest. Our analysis: 1 # and 2 # , antimonous oxide content is less as a synergistic flame retardants , resulting in the halide does not react well with it to form isolated oxygenated antimony halides, more free hydrogen halide corrode the fabric at high temperature and high temperature-high humidity, reducing the strength of the fabric; 1 # formula does not contain dispersant, it can not guarantee a small amount of synergistic flame retardant has good dispersion and play a role, resulting in the lowest strength retention. The synergistic flame retardant content of 3 # and 4 # formulations increased, and the halide was converted into antimony halide under high temperature and high temperature-high humidity condition, the fabric was protected and the strength retention rate of fabric was improved; The content of dispersant get to 8, it can play a better role of synergetic flame retardants. Through the four formulations, we also analyzed that using specific halide flame retardant has little effect on the fabric strength retention rate.
Based on the comprehensive analysis, we confirmed that the flame retardant formulation system of flame retardant coated fiberglass fabric is 4 #.

Evaluation of fiberglass flame retardant coating
Evaluation of mechanical property
We focused on the evaluation of tensile strength and tear strength of coated fabrics. GB/T769.5-2001 (Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break of fiberglass) as the test standard, test three types of the product according to the standard, the specific data in Table 7.
Table 7 Technical data of tensile strength and tear strength
The data in the table shows that all the mechanical properties have reached the standard

Evaluation of flame retardancy
About the coated fabric flame-retardant properties, we sent samples for testing. The authoritative testing department adopts GB 8624-1997 (classification method of combustion performance of building materials) and decomposition standard GB / T8626, GB / 18625, testing of flame retardant fabric highest level B1 . Specific indicators and test results showed in Table 8.
From the data of the table,the 3 types fire retardant coated fiberglass fabric reach the highest flame retardant level B1.

Determination of bursting performance of coated fabrics
We refer to GB/T 8878-2002 in the marbles bursting strength test method to test the coating fabric bursting strength (Ball diameter is 2cm, circle diameter is 2.5cm, descending speed is 10~11cm /min). Take 5 pieces of specimen, insert the specimen into the ring and then contact the ball. The specific measurement results in Table 9.
Table 9 Bursting strength
Through the theoretical analysis and performance study, methyl vinyl silicone rubber was chosen as the main coating, and the flame retardant coating formula of glass fiber fabric was successfully developed through experiment. Using two solvents in the formula, the dosage and flame retardancy of the flame retardant were also studied emphatically, and the fabric flame retardant level reached the highest B1 level finally.

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