The application of coated fiberglass fabric

The application of coated fiberglass fabric

The application of architectural decoration

Fiberglass coated products in the field of architectural decoration, mainly used in homes, public places (hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and various commercial area) and so on. Application, wall covers, shading and light film products.

Wall covers

Glass fiber woven glass fiber fabric, after coating, has been widely used in home and public places wall covering, characteristics as below,
* Flame retardant, meet the requirements of building fire protection.
* Waterproof, can be washed directly with water.
* Easy to dye, and can repeat the color.
* Functional coatings can be introduced to achieve specific functions (sterilization, air purification, etc.)
* Strong sense of depth

Application of shade and light film products
Fiberglass fabric coated with high coverage, flame retardant coating material, can be applied to blinds, curtain cloth and outdoor shade cloth. it has,
* Flame-retardant fully meet the fireproof requirements of building.
* Dimensional stability, there is no change in size over time.
* Good weather resistance, the working life increase more than general chemical fiber products.
* Good dyeing, can be made into various colors of products.
* Strong sense of layering,changing the fabric structure and coating material properties to form different visual effects.
Light film products refers to the use of coated fabric on the effect of diffuse reflection of light, and applied to the field of decoration .Using a light-transmitting coating material coated glass fiber fabric to make light film products.
Fiberglass coated fabric has been successfully applied to projection screen cloths.

Application of fiberglass membrane structure material
The ultra-fine fiberglass (yarn diameter 3.5μm) fabric coated with modified silicone rubber or PTFE membrane structure as a membrane material, have been widely used in large stadiums, exhibition centers, conference centers, a variety of temporary construction, large-span plant, warehouse and other buildings.
The characteristics of fiberglass membrane structure materials,
* Light weight,low cost
* Reduce energy consumption
* Beautiful shape, and time feeling
* Quick construction speed
* Safe and reliable
* Self-cleaning and anti-aging performance
* Large span structure
* Good earthquake resistance
* It’s quite suitable for open roof structure, lightweight membrane structure roof, and it is easier than the traditional structure of the opening and closing, easier to make humans close to nature.
Glass Fiber Membrane Structure Material in Stadium

The filter material
Glass fiber filter material is in the different structure of the glass fiber fabric surface coating or composite coating of different materials to meet the filter material performance requirements.

Application of fireproof products
Coated glass fiber fabric in the application of fire products is the most extensive and most mature. By adjusting the coating material and the dosage of glue, can be made in fire products in different areas.
Application of fire blankets

Fire blanket,it can be covered fire with a fire blanket. When the fire expanded, the staff can be covered with a fire blanket to escape.

* Easy to use and flexible.
* Fire, flame retardant performance.
* Environmentally friendly.

Application of fireproof and smoke curtains

Fire and smoke curtain, When a fire occurs in the building, fire and smoke control can be linked with the fire control system, Isolate the area where the fire occurs, prevent the spread of fire and smoke. It is widely used in large exhibition halls, conference centers.
* Flexible installation
* Flame retardant, smoke-free
* Separate for large area
* Convenience for rescuing

Fire and smoke curtain in exhibition hall

Application of welding blankets

At present, a large number of fire is from improper welding operations, most of extraordinarily serious fire accidents are from welding. The application of welding blanket is the most effective way to prevent this kind of fire. Before welding operation , taking welding blankets to cover the surrounding environment protection to the purpose of fireproof.


* Convenient and safe.
* Excellent performance of fireproof and anti-smoking.
* Protect against light pollution

Industrial insulation and protection

Coated glass fiber fabric can be applied to a variety of harsh environments and conditions of insulation and protection. It is widely used in the cold areas of the oil pipeline insulation, equipment protection, protection of special media storage devices.


* Weathering, anti-aging
* Anti-corrosion
* Insulation
Insulation and protection of equipment

The application of fabric expansion joints

Industrial piping can create internal stresses due to temperature changes,generally use the pipeline expansion joints to compensate. To compare with metal expansion joints or U-type fabric expansion joint, that with large amount of compensation, simple and convenient installation, the low precision of pipeline construction , or U-type compensation compared . It’s widely used in power plants, steel mills, cement plants, electrolytic aluminum plants and other high-temperature boiler inlet and outlet ducts and in the desulfurization, denitrification and other environmental devices . By adding fabric expansion joints to the line, the noise and vibration of the entire piping system can also be reduced.

* High temperature resistance, anti-corrosion.
* Large amount of compensation.
* Easy to install.
Fabric expansion joint for industrial pipe

Application of electrical industry

Glass fiber coated phenolic resin, polyimide resin, with excellent electrical properties, it has unique advantages of insulation.

Between the two layers of semi-cured coating material coated glass fiber fabric, by hot pressing, curing and adding resistance heating wire, can be made to heating pad. The finished product has the flexible and controllable characteristics. It ha good applications in the pipe insulation, thermal bonding, heating of special devices. F1 car racing tires heating device is one of the most successful application examples.
Tire Heating Equipment for Car Racing
Glass fiber sleeving coated with silicone rubber, phenolic resin, polyimide and other coating materials, with excellent electrical insulation properties and high temperature performance. Widely used in high-temperature heating wire insulation protection.

Fiberglass insulation sleeving
Covered cloth for transportation
Coated glass fiber fabric has good flame-retardant properties, weather ability, easy to clean and high strength. Mainly used in automobiles, ships, aircraft and other internal ceiling, sidewall insulation, soundproof, cushioning materials, coating and decoration.

Application in other special industry.

Fiberglass fabrics coated with special coating materials with excellent ablation properties, it can be used in rocket and spacecraft to launch ablative materials. It can quickly absorb a lot of energy, so as to achieve the role of protection launcher.

Fiberglass fabric coated with coating material having an infrared-absorbing property, it can be used as a heat-invisible material. The coated fabric protect the engine of car, tanks, motorcycles to achieve the purpose of heat invisibility.
Heat invisibility of engine

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