Installation precautions for fabric expansion joints

Installation precautions for fabric expansion joints

The installation of fabric expansion joint is complicated, especially the the above-mentioned power plant with large diameter fabric expansion joint installation is much more complicated.

According to the drawing, connect the movable end of the fabric expansion joint to the comb box of the lower box one by one. Do not tighten the bolts. After the connection, adjust the gap between the joints to ensure the gap is 5mm. Adjustment is completed, confirming that is correct to weld the pipe and and pipe, pipe and comb plate.Adjacent tubes are connected by connecting plates, the connection plate is connected with the bolt at one end (connected before delivery), the another end is connected with connecting tube. Shown as Pic 3, welding with continuous fillet weld, the implementation of JB / T4709 – 2000 Steel Pressure Vessel Welding Rules. Note that the connection between the angle connecting plate and the connected tube is not welded.

Taking the lap joint form for the 3 layers insulation layer during installation, amount of lap is 300~400mm.After lapping, sew the lap joint with stainless steel wire, and pay attention to the installation of insulation layer, do not pull too tight to destroy it. Special attention to install the expansion joint itself up and down caliber inconsistent that the thickness insulation cotton lap joint is too thick, if the overlap is too thick, and it’s inconvenience to operate, so it’s ok to cut the lap, and sew’s ensured that the thickness of the lap shall not be less than the thickness of a single layer of insulation.

The side with stainless steel wire mesh is mounted towards the furnace during the installation of fabric expansion joint. Do not pull the expansion joint cincture too tightly, and pay attention to protect the cover during the installation, in case of Welding spatter and protect the skin from scratches, cuts, and other mechanical damage.

For the large caliber fabric expansion joint, after installation, must pay attention to check the fabric expansion cincture whether there is damage, leakage, and uncompressed; for steel structure whether there is leakage welding; or whether fastening bolts are not tightened.

For the large caliber fabric expansion joint, manufacture individual parts, transport individual parts, and install each part to large caliber fabric expansion joint. Now it’s one of the essential equipment in the power plant.

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