Characteristics of fabric expansion joints

Characteristics of fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints (fabric non-metallic expansion joints) as a kind of expansion joint, it has been in the international community for more than 30 years of history. Fabric expansion joints have some unparalleled characteristics to metal expansion joints, and the scope of its application is becoming increasingly expanded, which is one of the the expansion joints.

Compared with the metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints characteristics are: (1) Good flexibility and no impact on the equipment and system thrust, convenient for pipeline design and improvement of equipment and system security. (2) The unit length of absorption of displacement is large, which can absorb three-dimensional displacement, up to the effective length of 40%; (3)Simple to install, easy to replace, without the need for high-demand, no need to replace the lifting equipment and short required time. Meanwhile, after adaptation of pipe renovation and Pipeline foundation settlement caused by permanent misalignment in Medium or long term working. (4) Adaptability, any shape and arbitrary circumference can be made. (5) Good effect of Vibration isolation and near zero vibration transmission. (6) High temperature up to 1000℃or more. (7) Corrosion resistance, and as a result of thermal insulation measures to avoid the expansion joints on the surface of certain media condensation corrosion. (8) Soundproof and heat insulation.

The shortage of fabric expansion joints, low pressure, pressure within 1 Kg. Resistance to liquid medium technology is not mature.

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