The technology and application of coated fiberglass fabric

The technology and application of coated fiberglass fabric

Coated fabric, which is coated material on the surface of the fabric, and to change the performance of the fabric.The fabric can be nature fiber fabric, synthetic chemical fiber fabric and inorganic fiber fabric, etc. Coating materials can be organic and synthetic polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and metal materials, etc.

As the different requirements of performance, is able to get different effects to improve the performance of the fabric from the coating materials.

Fiberglass with temperature, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, high strength, electrical insulation and high tensile strength, relative elongation, and the advantages of chemical stability and high elastic modulus and other characteristics. But relatively speaking, its abrasion resistance and flex resistance is poor, temperature resistance after more than 400 ℃,the strength loss and the limitations of chemical stability is large, these are its fatal drawbacks.

Coated fiberglass fabric, which with its inherent characteristics, while using the coating materials to improve the performance of fiberglass fabric or give new performance to meet the needs of various application areas.


The pretreatment of coated fabric in 2 ways:

Using the special sizing agent for fiberglass wire drawing, weaving, then coat materials directly.

Fiberglass fabric under dewaxing and surface treatment, then coat materials.

There are advantages and disadvantages for the above 2 methods, it should be selected according to the actual situation.

Solvent treatment, solvent evaporation during coating process, with particular attention to fire prevention and anti-poisoning facilities. Formulate fire prevention measures and contingency plans.

Coating formulations should be as low toxicity, high safety components, reduce occupational hazards.

Energy saving
Learning from other industries of new energy and new technology applications.

Environmental protection
Strengthen the facility construction of exhaust gas, waste gas and solid waste to reduce environmental pollution.

Fiberglass fabric in the coating process, easy to produce hair to plug the exhaust pipe, and prone to accidents. Therefore, there should be target measures in the equipment design and production process.

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