Characteristic of fiberglass

Characteristic of fiberglass

Fiberglass, as a kind of artificial inorganic fiber, which with some special properties compared with other fiber skeleton material.

Tensile strength and elongation

Strength of fiberglass is extremely high, more than other fibers and metals, while its modulus is very high, with good resistance to deformation, and the breaking elongation is less than 4%.

Long-term creep

In the long-term load conditions, the fiberglass does not creep, so the rubber composite products can maintain long-term performance.

Thermal stability

The melting point of fiberglass is above 1000 ℃, as a skeleton material, it can maintain stable performance in high temperature environment.

Physical and chemical stability

The main component of fiberglass Glass fiber is silicate, besides hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, it is free from other acids, oils and organic solvents.

The style of fiberglass fabric

Fiberglass is treated by impregnating compound in the drawing process , and getting the softness, so it is easy to weave.

Generally, fiberglass should have certain construction to give full play to its performance. Fiberglass fabric is divided into woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. As a skeleton material, woven fabric is usually used. The basic form of woven fabric, there are three kinds:

Plain weave, warp and weft yarn every interval of a yarn on an intertwined, the fabric is firm. As shown on the below picture.


Twill weave, there are organizations on the warp point or weft point of the composition of the oblique lines, the fabric surface is twill weave which weaved by warp and weft yarn, and the fabric is with poor fastness, but the surface is soft. As shown on the below picture.


Satin weave, adjacent two separate organizations on the warp points are far, all the distribution of a single point of organization law, the fabric is smooth, full of shiny, soft texture. As shown on the below picture.


As the skeleton material, plain weave is used mostly, twill weave is also used, satin weave  is used rarely.

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