The difference between fireproof cloth and silicone cloth

The difference between fireproof cloth and silicone cloth

The fireproof cloth is mainly made of fireproof and non-combustible fiber and processed by special process. Main features: non-combustible, high temperature resistance (550~1100℃), compact structure, non-irritating, soft texture, easy to wrap objects and equipment with uneven surface. The fireproof cloth protects the object away from the hot and spark zones and completely prevents combustion or isolation.

Silicone cloth is made of two main raw materials. It is made of glass fiber cloth with high strength and high temperature resistance. It is compounded with silicone rubber and vulcanized at high temperature.

The fireproof cloth is suitable for use in places with spark such as welding, and it is prone to fire. It can withstand spark splashing, slag, welding spatter, etc., to isolate the working place, separate the working layer, and prevent the fire hazard that may be caused during the welding work; It can also be used as a light barrier to create a safe, clean and standardized working space.

Fireproof cloth is the ideal protection tool for fire safety. When it is used for construction in public places such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, etc., such as welding, cutting, etc.: using fire blanket can directly reduce spark splash and play flammable, Isolation and blocking of explosives.

Fireproof cloth is widely used in the shipbuilding industry for the construction and repair of the ship frame; it can also be used in places where the petrochemical enterprises are insulated from metal structures and need to be welded, showing good protection and adaptability.