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The structure and function of fabric expansion joint

Fabric expansion joint, also named non-metallic compensator, the main function is to absorb the relative displacement of two parts with relative displacement and two with a relative displacement between the parts of the connection channel seal. The fabric expansion joint consists of non-metallic cover, thermal insulation part, metal flange, rib plate, bolt and stainless steel

Application prospect of fabric expansion

As a result of fabric expansion joint has its own inherent characteristics, which are widely used increasingly in the gas turbine, thermal power, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and other industries. Some of the equipment itself configure with non-metallic expansion joint, and will also further promote the development of fabric expansion joints. At present, the fabric

The key research of fabric expansion joint

In recent years, Fabric expansion joints are in the direction towards high temperature and improve the life of the development. In the power industry, with the development of circulating fluidized bed boilers, the requirements of the expansion joint is higher, expansion of the circulating fluidized bed cyclone generally need to install expansion joints, and the

The basic structure of fabric expansion joint

According to the working conditions of fabric expansion joints, its basic structure consists of four parts (shown as the attached pic): The inside baffle (it can be omitted some time), its role as a thermal insulation material bearing body and to avoid direct airflow scouring insulation material resulting in premature failure of fabric expansion joints;

Characteristics of fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints (fabric non-metallic expansion joints) as a kind of expansion joint, it has been in the international community for more than 30 years of history. Fabric expansion joints have some unparalleled characteristics to metal expansion joints, and the scope of its application is becoming increasingly expanded, which is one of the the expansion

Installation precautions for fabric expansion joints

The installation of fabric expansion joint is complicated, especially the the above-mentioned power plant with large diameter fabric expansion joint installation is much more complicated. According to the drawing, connect the movable end of the fabric expansion joint to the comb box of the lower box one by one. Do not tighten the bolts. After

Design of super large caliber fabric expansion joint for power plant

Fabric expansion joints has been widely used in various industries and fields in recent years. Fabric expansion joint’s structure is simple, easy to install, and with good corrosion resistance.Shorter length can compensate for the larger axial displacement and lateral displacement and angular displacement; itself does not have the displacement caused by the stiffness of the

The application of fabric expansion joint

In order to reduce the thrust generated by thermal expansion in the pipeline, compensation for thermal expansion of the pipeline must be taken into consideration of the design and installation of the piping, and compensating of the thermal displacement is done by expansion joint. The normal expansion joint: slip-type expansion joint, fabric expansion joint, corrugated

Application of expansion joint in thermal power plant

Summary of thermal power plant Characteristics of Pipeline in Thermal Power Plant A thermal power plant is a plant that converts chemical energy stored in coal, oil, natural gas, or other fossil fuels into combustion energy, heat energy into mechanical energy, and generate electrical energy.Thermal power plant production process is mainly with the boiler, steam

The confirmation of flame retardant formulation and evaluation

According the above information, we list the four different kinds of flame retardant silicon rubber formulation (as table 4), then evaluate the property of silicone rubber flame retardant, strength retention rate under high temperature, strength retention under high temperature and high humidity (boiling water resistance), the silicone rubber flame retardant system formulation was finally determined.